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As we research physical and practical realities, we explore how cultures, arts and storytelling affect how people experience, think and feel about the environment in communities around the world.


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CBI Mission: Bridging Conservation and Communities in the Dja 

In an effort to foster community engagement and discuss ongoing conservation efforts, the Congo Basin Institute (CBI) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) embarked on a mission to…

Sensitization tour Kevin Njabo


Daniel Swain for ABC News — Why climate change can’t be blamed entirely for the Maui wildfires

UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain discusses the complex weather and environmental causes behind the deadly Maui wildfires for ABC News. “We should not look to the Maui wildfires as a…

Kihei- Hawaii wildfire burns | Ty O'neil, Associated Press


Stephanie Pincetl authors Los Angeles Times opinion piece — Opinion: How wildfires in Algeria and California reveal colonial origins of the ‘Mediterranean climate’

In her LA Times op-ed, UCLA Professor Stephanie Pincetl highlights recent underreported wildfires in Algeria, contrasting them with prominent blazes in Greece and Italy, all sharing a Mediterranean climate. Pincetl…

Fire, wildfire, burning | public domain


Daniel Blumstein for VigourTimes — Dialects Extend Beyond Humans Alone

“According to Daniel Blumstein, a biologist at UCLA who was not involved in the study, Clarke’s research contributes a small yet significant piece to the broader puzzle of animal communication.…



Seeking Common Ground Between Theology and Sustainability Science for Just Transitions

Jason Sexton, Stephanie Pincetl

Published Work | 2022 | Zygon

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Political & Economic Drivers of Wildland-urban Interface (WUI) Development in California

S. Kennedy, S. Pincetl

Presentation | 2018

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