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Working with UCLA School of Law and Luskin School of Public Affairs, we explore the critical role governance and policy plays on a broad range of environmental issues — and potential strategies for the future.


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Lorena De la Puente Burlando Awarded 2024 Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship

The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability is proud to announce that Lorena De la Puente Burlando has been awarded a 2024 Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship. The program supports doctoral students in the humanities and interpretive social sciences as…


Deepak Rajagopal for WalletHub—Greenest States (2024)

WalletHub compared America’s 50 states to identify the most environmentally friendly ones, ranking them based on three categories: environmental quality, eco-friendly behaviors and climate-change contributions. California took the top spot,…


UCLA Assistant Professor Liz Koslov Receives NSF Award for Research on Managed Retreat in Wildfire Zones

Discover how UCLA asst. professor Liz Koslov is advancing research on managed retreat in wildfire zones with her NSF Award.


Jon Christensen for Dodger Blue — Los Angeles Parks Alliance Files Lawsuit Over Dodger Stadium Gondola Project

UCLA professor Jon Christensen discusses the Dodger Stadium gondola project lawsuit for Dodger Blue, sharing how LAPA challenges the project’s environmental impact and community implications. LAPA’s lawsuit under CEQA aims…

A rendering of a proposed Dodger Stadium gondola project that would aim to ferry up to 5,000 passengers an hour from Union Station in downtown L.A. to the stadium.(LA Aerial Rapid Transit)


Karen McKinnon Receives NSF CAREER Award for Heat Extremes Research

The World Health Organization identified heatwaves as one of the most dangerous natural hazards, and they’re on the rise worldwide. UCLA climate scientist and assistant professor Karen McKinnon has been…


Governor’s Climate and Forest Task Force: Remote Sensing Workshop at UCLA

The Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force) held its first Remote Sensing Workshop at the University of California Los Angeles in June, 2023. The workshop was designed…

How Climate Change Will Impact California, Interview with Dr. Alan Barreca

Interview on The Young Turks ScIQ with UCLA environmental economist Alan Barreca by Jayde Lovell about climate change effects on public health, vulnerable communities, and the state of California. They also…


Advancing a Net Zero Urban Water Future in the United StatesSouthwest: Governance and Policy Challenges and Future Needs

Courtney Crosson*, Stephanie Pincetl, Caroline Scruggs, Neha Gupta, Rashi Bhushan, Sybil Sharvelle, Erik Porse, Andrea Achilli, Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Gregory Pierce, Dominic L. Boccelli, Charles P. Gerba, Melinda Morgan, Tzahi Y. Cath, Bruce Thomson, Steve Baule, Steve Glass, Mark Gold, James MacAdam, Luke Cole, Mead Mier, Catlow Shipek, and Thomas Meixner

Published Work | 2024 | ACS EST Water

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LADWP LA100 Equity Strategies Chapter 13. Energy Affordability and Policy Solutions Analysis

Pierce, Gregory; Coffee, Daniel; Sheinberg, Rachel; Patterson, Shona; Trumbull, Kelly ;Dunlap, Lauren; Sundar, Shweta; Pugh, Carolyn; Murillo, Alberto

Working Paper | 2023

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