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From California to the Congo Basin, we use everything from advanced genomics to ancient tree rings to study the world’s complex, beautiful and dynamic ecosystems and how to protect them.


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Daniel Swain and Alex Hall for NY Times — What an El Niño Winter Could Mean for California

UCLA climate scientists Daniel Swain and Alex Hall were both quoted in a recent article by The New York Times. They discuss what an El Niño winter could mean for California. “This is likely to…

Passing rain clouds at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area in Agua Dulce, California. | Myung J. Chun, LA Times


Fireproofing Nigeria’s Last Primary Forest and Solving Planetary Crises

by 2023 Pritzker Award Finalist Iroro Tanshi Our world is on fire. Australia, Europe, Canada, California, and even my homeland, Nigeria and West Africa — all are witnessing climate-enabled wildfires…

Tanshi examines a bat's wing to determine its age after capture in the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary


My Journey from Conflict to Conservation

by 2023 Pritzker Award Finalist Hana Raza I was born in the rugged mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, where history has been a tale of persecution and resilience. The richness of…

Female Persian leopard. 2023 Pritzker Award Finalist Hana Raza rediscovered the Persian Leopard in Iraq in 2011. | Photo by Hana Raza


Greg Pierce for LAist — It’s A New Water Year. What Can We Expect Ahead?

Director of UCLA’s Human Right to Water Solutions Lab, Greg Pierce discusses California’s water supply for LAist. The anticipated wet year “should set us up again to avoid desperation,” but…

Hansen spreading grounds in Sun Valley is one of L.A. County's largest stormwater capture and flood control basins. (Erin Stone / LAist)


CBI Mission: Bridging Conservation and Communities in the Dja 

In an effort to foster community engagement and discuss ongoing conservation efforts, the Congo Basin Institute (CBI) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) embarked on a mission to…

Sensitization tour Kevin Njabo


Open for business in the Congo rainforest

Recently, crew of college students from UCLA and Cameroon left convenience behind and plunged into the rainforest. Their objective: reopen a field station that had been shuttered for two decades,…

Biodiversity in 2050 LA

H. Bradley Shaffer, Director, La Kretz Center; Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability


Pollution, Light

T. Longcore

Published Work | 2023 | Encyclopedia of Biodiversity (Third Edition)