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Technology continues to advance and expand, creating environmental challenges and potential solutions.


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Deepak Rajagopal for Voice of America — Not Enough Chargers in Top EV Market California, Drivers Say

UCLA Professor Deepak Rajagopal highlights the challenges of public charging stations in Los Angeles for Voice of America. Rajagopal discusses the growing issue of long wait times due to insufficient…

Driver charging Electric Vehicle


UCLA Professor Deepak Rajagopal and Ph.D. Candidate Narayan Gopinathan Illuminate Sustainable Transportation Solutions in India

In a new report, UCLA Professor Deepak Rajagopal and Ph.D. Candidate Narayan Gopinathan delve into sustainable transportation in India, focusing on the feasibility and benefits of a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV)…

Zero emission vehicle technologies such as battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are fast becoming commonplace worldwide


Deepak Rajagopal for San Francisco Chronicles — What’s happened since California cut home solar payments? Demand has plunged 80%

UCLA energy economist Deepak Rajagopal discusses the impact of California’s slashed solar payments for homeowners with CalMatters, emphasizing the expected decline in demand and the immediate effects on the solar…

Ken Wells runs O&M Solar Services, a small residential solar company in South Los Angeles, where he works with disadvantaged communities. But a new state rate structure for rooftop solar has decimated his business. He had to lay off all 20 employees. Photo by Lauren Justice for CalMatters


Daniel Swain for New York Times — When the Storm Online Is Worse Than the One Outside

UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain discusses the challenges of combating misinformation about extreme weather for New York Times. As social media becomes a breeding ground for false reports and conspiracy…

Heavy clouds covered Oakland and- in the distance- San Francisco this week


UCLA IoES for The Eagle — What to do with your phone once you upgrade

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability quoted for The Eagle, sharing how improper disposal of iPhone batteries poses environmental threats.’ The article discusses the environmental drawbacks of not recycling…

iphone recycle


How Climate Change Will Impact California, Interview with Dr. Alan Barreca

Interview on The Young Turks ScIQ with UCLA environmental economist Alan Barreca by Jayde Lovell about climate change effects on public health, vulnerable communities, and the state of California. They also…

Dan Kammen: Innovation for a Clean Economy

In his Spring Oppenheim Lecture on March 31, Dan Kammen talked about if and how we can achieve a low-carbon/no-carbon economy. He stated that reducing greenhouse gases by the levels…


LADWP LA100 Equity Strategies Chapter 13. Energy Affordability and Policy Solutions Analysis

Pierce, Gregory; Coffee, Daniel; Sheinberg, Rachel; Patterson, Shona; Trumbull, Kelly ;Dunlap, Lauren; Sundar, Shweta; Pugh, Carolyn; Murillo, Alberto

Working Paper | 2023

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Pollution, Light

T. Longcore

Published Work | 2023 | Encyclopedia of Biodiversity (Third Edition)