Sustainable Business

Businesses and consumers are increasingly seeking ways to be more sustainable. At UCLA, our research helps them do so in an informed, data-driven manner. Private industry has been responsible for significant environmental degradation — but it also represents an opportunity to make rapid, global improvements.


Cacao farming in Cameroon.


A Smallholder’s Voice (video)

David Colgan

Cacao and palm oil industries contribute to deforestation of the most vibrant, species-rich places on the planet, leading to conservation attempts that use external sustainability certifications to drive responsible manufacture…

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Give Back to the Bruin Community at UCLA’s Surplus Stop

In the vibrant atmosphere of a university campus like UCLA, sustainability is a vital aspect of reducing waste and fostering an eco-friendly environment. At UCLA, sustainability isn’t just a concept—it’s…


UCLA Decarbonization Study Paves the Way for a Greener Campus

UCLA is leading the charge in combating climate change with its yearlong decarbonization study, showcasing its commitment to sustainability. This proactive initiative aims to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions, aligning…


Deepak Rajagopal for Voice of America — Not Enough Chargers in Top EV Market California, Drivers Say

UCLA Professor Deepak Rajagopal highlights the challenges of public charging stations in Los Angeles for Voice of America. Rajagopal discusses the growing issue of long wait times due to insufficient…

Driver charging Electric Vehicle


UCLA Professor Deepak Rajagopal and Ph.D. Candidate Narayan Gopinathan Illuminate Sustainable Transportation Solutions in India

In a new report, UCLA Professor Deepak Rajagopal and Ph.D. Candidate Narayan Gopinathan delve into sustainable transportation in India, focusing on the feasibility and benefits of a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV)…

Zero emission vehicle technologies such as battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are fast becoming commonplace worldwide


Magali Delmas co-authors Harvard Business Review article — It’s Time for Sustainability to Become a Core Part of MBA Programs

UCLA professor and director of the UCLA Center for Impact Magali Delmas co-authors new article for Harvard Business Review, exploring the necessity for sustainability to become a core part of…

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The Convenient Environmentalist

Magali Delmas, Director, Center for Corporate Environmental Performance; Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

A Game Changer for Sustainability

Deepak Rajagopal, Assistant Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability