Sustainable Business

Businesses and consumers are increasingly seeking ways to be more sustainable. At UCLA, our research helps them do so in an informed, data-driven manner. Private industry has been responsible for significant environmental degradation — but it also represents an opportunity to make rapid, global improvements.


Cacao farming in Cameroon.


A Smallholder’s Voice (video)

David Colgan

Cacao and palm oil industries contribute to deforestation of the most vibrant, species-rich places on the planet, leading to conservation attempts that use external sustainability certifications to drive responsible manufacture…

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Fireproofing Nigeria’s Last Primary Forest and Solving Planetary Crises

by 2023 Pritzker Award Finalist Iroro Tanshi Our world is on fire. Australia, Europe, Canada, California, and even my homeland, Nigeria and West Africa — all are witnessing climate-enabled wildfires…

Tanshi examines a bat's wing to determine its age after capture in the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Magali Delmas writes for the Hill: “In California and Europe, a new dawn for corporate climate disclosure”

Magali Delmas and her colleagues Michael Gerrad (Columbia University) and Eric Orts (Wharton School) discuss the significance of the new California Climate Disclosure Laws

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Environmental science and engineering alumni Bart B. Sokolow publishes the 2nd edition of his book: “How to Avoid Environmental Litigation”

Environmental science and engineering alumni Bart B. Sokolow and Murray Sinclair, an environmental attorney, combine their expertise for a user-friendly journey through the environmental legal landscape. “This book is a…

Environmental science and engineering Bart B. Sokolow 2nd edition of book: "How to Avoid Environmental Litigation”


Deepak Rajagopal quoted for The Seattle Times — Can a lab in Sumner end the ‘box in a box’? Amazon thinks so

UCLA IoES associate professor Deepak Rajagopal discusses consumerism, innovation spillover, and incentive for Amazon to reduce over-packaging for The Seattle Times. “If anything, the hook for them is ‘Hey we…

Amazon warehouse worker and box


Verge: Antoine Kunsch, ESE student, quoted in “Lyft is recycling its e-bike and scooter batteries with Redwood Materials”

For Lyft, the deal is about ensuring that its huge, nationwide fleet of electric bikes and scooters aren’t ending up in a landfill at the end of their lifespan — which…

antoine kunsch


The Convenient Environmentalist

Magali Delmas, Director, Center for Corporate Environmental Performance; Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

A Game Changer for Sustainability

Deepak Rajagopal, Assistant Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability


The Private and Social Consequences of Purchasing an Electric Vehicle and Solar Panels: Evidence from California

M. Delmas, M. Kahn, S. Locke

Published Work | 2017 | Research in Economics

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Dinámica de los resultados medioambientales y financieros: El caso de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero

M. Delmas, N. Nairn-Birch, J. Lim

Published Work | 2017 | Economía industrial

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