Climate Change

Climate change touches every part of the world and increasingly affects daily lives in profound and challenging ways. We’re exploring numerous aspects of this existential threat, including projecting future realities, public policy and adaptation.


Forest in Cameroon


The Promise of Cameroon

John Harlow

UCLA’s Congo Basin Institute is out to definitively map the African rainforests, a mission that could revolutionize climate science — and just maybe save the planet.

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Daniel Swain for SFist — Fresh Heatwave on the Way, Maybe Not as Hot as Last One

UCLA climate expert Daniel Swain spoke with SFist about a new heatwave developing that is expected to bring triple-digit temperatures to inland areas like Sacramento and the Central Valley. “It…


Edith de Guzman for Grist — The surprisingly simple way cities could save people from extreme heat 

Urban heat islands, exacerbated by concrete and asphalt, pose significant health risks in cities. UCLA researcher Edith de Guzman discusses the urban heat island effect for Grist, highlighting the potential…

Jean-Francois Cardella / Construction Photography / Avalon


Monica L. Smith’s Book on Human Adaptation to Natural Disasters Now Open-Access

‘The Power of Nature’ explores how people have responded to disasters, focusing on archaeology and human-environmental dynamics

People looking at collapsed buildings in Turkey after the February 2023 earthquake


Daniel Swain for New York Times — Word of the Day: parched

UCLA climate expert Daniel Swain discusses the impending fire season for the New York Times, highlighting increased fire activity due to abundant vegetation from recent rainy winters. “I think we’re…


Alex Hall for TIME— Why Beryl’s ‘Unprecedented’ Timing is a Signal of Climate Change’s Impact on Extreme Weather

UCLA climate scientist Alex Hall discusses Hurricane Beryl for TIME, sharing how climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme weather events. He explains that while extreme weather existed before…

Bay Garden Oistins, Barbados after Hurricane Beryln caused widespread damage to the town.


UCLA’s Comprehensive Sustainability Plan

UCLA has a long history of sustainability leadership — from early energy efficiency efforts and the formation of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability in the 1990s, to the establishment of…

Governor’s Climate and Forest Task Force: Remote Sensing Workshop at UCLA

The Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force) held its first Remote Sensing Workshop at the University of California Los Angeles in June, 2023. The workshop was designed…


Advancing a Net Zero Urban Water Future in the United States Southwest: Governance and Policy Challenges and Future Needs

Courtney Crosson*, Stephanie Pincetl, Caroline Scruggs, Neha Gupta, Rashi Bhushan, Sybil Sharvelle, Erik Porse, Andrea Achilli, Adriana Zuniga-Teran, Gregory Pierce, Dominic L. Boccelli, Charles P. Gerba, Melinda Morgan, Tzahi Y. Cath, Bruce Thomson, Steve Baule, Steve Glass, Mark Gold, James MacAdam, Luke Cole, Mead Mier, Catlow Shipek, and Thomas Meixner

Published Work | 2024 | ACS EST Water

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LADWP LA100 Equity Strategies Chapter 13. Energy Affordability and Policy Solutions Analysis

Pierce, Gregory; Coffee, Daniel; Sheinberg, Rachel; Patterson, Shona; Trumbull, Kelly ;Dunlap, Lauren; Sundar, Shweta; Pugh, Carolyn; Murillo, Alberto

Working Paper | 2023

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