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Dr. Pincetl among UCLA women leaders discussing their influence in environmental science

Women in leadership, such as Stephanie Pincetl, are creating inclusive communities that promote equality, respect and care for all individuals. Pincetl focuses on equitable strategies to reduce human impacts on the planet.

As California transitions to renewable energy resources, as mandated by bill SB 100, Pincetl urges policymakers to consider how under-resourced communities will be affected. She explores the unequal distribution of energy use across incomes and recognizes that low-income communities don’t benefit as much as high-income communities from public incentive programs aimed at reducing emissions.

Pincetl believes women aren’t more compassionate for the environment just because they’re women, but it’s because they are more aware of pain and suffering.

“We need to make space for a pluriverse,” she said. “Men need to realize that they too are motivated by love, hate and passion. We are all humans combating climate change together.”