ayuko oda

Ayuko Oda

Second Year Master of Public Policy Student

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

Ayuko is studying the methodology of policy analysis and its applications at the Luskin School of Public Affairs, as part of the Government of Japan’s scholar program.

Before that, Ayuko spent more than seven years working at the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan. As an assistant of the Prime minister and their cabinet, she engaged in comprehensive policy coordination. This included leading revisions of regulations and instructions relating to reform of organization and inner conference, and organizing the deliberation process on the fundamental policy of a new cross-cutting law for persons with disabilities.

She received her bachelor’s degree of Law at Kyoto University, Japan.

Though the size of their economy is different from SIDS, her home country, Japan, is also an island nation with rich nature and faces similar challenges of how to best balance tourism promotion with the preservation of nature in light of increasing tourist numbers. Based on her past experiences and as a public policy student, she is excited to be working on sustainable tourism policies for SIDS as part of the Blue Prosperity Project.