Eric Hoek

Eric M.V. Hoek , Ph.D.

Faculty Director

UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge

5731 Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1593

(310) 794-7124

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Eric Hoek is a professor in UCLA’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability and the California NanoSystems Institute. Dr. Hoek is also Faculty Director of the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, which is a campus wide initiative and partnership with the City of Los Angeles to help LA become the world’s most sustainable megacity by 2050.

Dr. Hoek’s academic work explores the union of nanomaterials, membrane technology and electrochemistry for water, energy and environmental applications – all keys to a more sustainable future. Dr. Hoek has advised over 50 graduate students, published over 110 peer-reviewed scientific publications and filed over 70 patents filed globally. He has written books on Sustainable Desalination & Water Reuse, Oil & Gas Produced Water Management and is co-editor in chief of The Encyclopedia of Membrane Science. He is the founding and current editor-in-chief of npj Clean Water and a former associate editor of Desalination.

Dr. Hoek has also applied this knowledge as an entrepreneur having co-invented/founded several technology companies (e.g., NanoH2O, Water Planet, PolyCera, IntelliFlux) and as a consultant having advised various government agencies, technology companies, investment funds and law firms. Dr. Hoek has a Ph.D. from Yale University, M.S. from UCLA, B.S. from Penn State.


Cooling structure

Heat Resilient L.A.

Heat Resilient L.A. will over the next two years determine where and when people moving around the city are most vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat — a problem being caused by climate change — and assess which communities most need cooling interventions.

Recent Publications

A review of water treatment membrane nanotechnologies

MaryTheresa Pendergast, Eric M. V. Hoek

Published Work | 2016 | Energy and Environemntal Science


A new high-pressure optical membrane module for direct observation of seawater RO membrane fouling and cleaning

Xiaofei Huang, Gregory Guillen, Eric M.V. Hoek

Published Work | Journal of Membrane Science

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