Eric S. Sheppard

Distinguished Professor and Alexander von Humboldt Chair

Department of Geography

1255 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1524

(310) 825-1071

Personal Website

Eric Sheppard is an economic and urban geographer, and holds the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in Geography at UCLA. As a geographer, and in the spirit of Humboldt, his research takes a broadly interdisciplinary approach. He seeks to account for the persistence of uneven geographical development at scales ranging from the global to the neighborhood, and examines how the spatialities produced by socioecological processes feed back to shape the trajectories of those processes. 

With respect to the IoES mission, his research has focused on urban environmental justice in the US, on eco-cities in China, and on global urban resilience initiatives. He is in the midst of a multi-year research program on the trajectories, causes, and socioecological justice implications of massive land use transformations currently underway in Jakarta and Bangalore. Both cities face the paradox of water shortages and flooding, compounded in the case of Jakarta by rapid land subsidence below sea level.  His broader interests examine the dialectical relations through which globalizing capital and the more-than-human world are mutually constituted.



BSc, Bristol University (UK)

PhD, University of Toronto (Canada)



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Leitner, H. and E. Sheppard (2018) “From Kampungs to Condos: Contested accumulations through displacement in Jakarta” Environment and Planning A 50 (2): 437–456.

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Chang, C., H. Leitner and E. Sheppard (2016) “The green leap forward: Eco-State restructuring and the Tianjin-Binhai eco-city model” Regional Studies 50 (6): 929-943.

Chang, C. and E. Sheppard (2013) “Chinese Green Capitalism and Urban Sustainability: Shanghai’s Dongtan Eco-city and Chongming Eco-island” Journal of Urban Technology 20: 57-75.