Kira Sadler is an innovator in diversifying the field of conservation. With a focus on biodiversity and storytelling, Sadler works to bring voices of individuals on the front lines of conservation efforts to publication, regardless of their age, education, gender, race or abilities. She further works to create a community of individuals who are actively speaking out for other species. As Program Manager and Managing Editor of Voices for Biodiversity, Sadler works to empower individuals to conserve biodiversity by raising their voices and ensuring that they are heard. Ms. Sadler holds a master’s degree in conservation biology from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, and a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. When not working on this innovative storytelling platform, she is an adjunct professor of sustainability studies at Colorado Mountain College and a part-time Pilates instructor. She enjoys hiking, camping, being in nature, and performing aerial hoop and other circus arts.