Special Project | 2023

Chester’s Way — a children’s book

An animal lover named Suzie befriended a squirrel named Chester. Sometimes, she would leave nuts from the balcony for him. Chester became so comfortable with this arrangement that he would brave coming into her home to hang out. A few years later, Suzie became nervous when Chester started looking thin and scraggly despite taking an increasing amount of nuts. What did he do with them all? 

This children’s book is the story of Chester’s adventures in Echo Glen. Compared to other squirrels in the community, he’s a little unusual, but follows his heart and has quiet courage, enjoying the simple things in life and nature most of all.

Chester’s Way was written by David Colgan and illustrated in full color by Niara Fullard across 52 pages. The book’s creators hope it will become a favorite of kids and their grown-ups. Maybe they’ll even see a little of themselves in Chester and Suzie — and feel good about it. Acting on good intentions can lead to wonderful new adventures and friendships. It can even make your community and world a better, healthier place to live in. 

Themes and motifs

  • Environmentalism/nature stewardship
  • Easing and preventing environmental/climate anxiety
  • Social acceptance of neurodivergence/difference
  • Redefining the heroic
  • Philosphical taoism (gentle homage to A.A. Milne and Benjamin Hoff)
  • Helping kids feel happy and satisfied with who they are

Publication is anticipated in September 2023. Press or business inquiries, please contact David Colgan at