john wooden energy audit

SAR Project | 2015

John Wooden Energy Audit

The team’s goals were to improve energy efficiency in John Wooden Center by gathering data from electrical audits with an emphasis on large-scale lighting and air handlers.  In addition, the team aimed to measure usage of television monitors, treadmills, and computers in an attempt to remove unused equipment that hinders electrical savings for the facility.  Behavior change is a vital component that will enhance the outcome of savings if proper education and outreach are instigated. Lastly, with the grant awarded in the amount of $88,000,  the team helped facilitate the process of procuring solar panels that will reduce energy expenditure for decades.

Stakeholder: Rich Mylin

Leaders: Maddie Berger & Denita Toneva

Members: Danna Creager, KellyAnne Tang, Natalie Queally

Final Report