UCLA’s Stephanie Pincetl and David Nazar. | Image by Ty Woodson/KLCS

Special Project | 2020

Sustaining US — an environmental news program from PBS and UCLA

As climate change and other environmental threats continue to harm and threaten people’s daily lives, the United States remains politically and ideologically divided.

PBS show Sustaining US has partnered with UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability to foster earnest discussion — informed by top research and perspectives.

All 13 episodes of season one are available now on the program’s website.

Season two premiers Wednesday, October 6, and will air weekly on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. and the following Mondays at 5:30 p.m. You can watch on the following channels in Southern California or livestream on KLCS PBS.

Topics include:

  • Urban oil drilling
  • Green spaces and environmental justice
  • Cities then and now: rising sea levels
  • Homelessness and sustainability
  • Climate change and extreme weather
  • Heat islands and public health
  • The L.A. River

Host and producer: David Nazar
KLCS director/producer: Ty Woodson
Content producer: David Colgan


Culver City Oil Drilling — Oct. 6

Here in the U.S., oil production is commonly identified with places like Texas or the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. It’s not often we hear about the nation’s largest urban oilfield cutting through Los Angeles. The Inglewood Oilfield has been producing oil in Southern California for almost a century with part of the field slicing its way through Culver City. And now city leaders are on a personal crusade to rid Culver City of the oil industry once and for all. We hear from Culver City and the oil industry. David Nazar reports.

The Minimum Wage Crisis — Oct. 13

L.A. River — Oct. 20

L.A. Infrastructure — Oct. 27

OC Desalination — Nov. 3

Is Our News Media Sustainable — Nov. 10

Solar Decathlon — Nov. 17

Sheriff Alex Villanueva — Nov. 24

Ancient Cities — Dec. 1

Urban Heat Islands — Dec. 8

Native Plant Landscaping Program — Dec. 15

Aquarium of the Pacific — Dec. 22

Mendez vs Westminster 75th Anniversary — Dec. 29