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UCLA Graduate Student Water Resources Group Organizes for the 2017-2018 School Year

The Graduate Student Water Resources Group (GSWRG) was first started in 2012, and is now organizing its fifth year.   The 2017-2018 Co-Chairs include Sonali Abraham, a 2nd year Environmental Science and Engineering D.Env student, Alison Partie, a 2nd year Environmental Science and Engineering D.Env student and Maryam Ghajar, a doctoral student in the UCLA Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  They are already planning events and getting information out about the World Water Forum College Grant Program (See below).  “The three of us are looking forward to meeting with grad students and post docs from all over campus and organizing speakers, both from academia and the ‘real world’, who are addressing the many important issues in water,” said Sonali Abraham, ESE student and Co-Chair.

Any graduate student or post doc at UCLA who is interested in or does research on water are eligible to be members, and benefit for sharing interdisciplinary approaches to water issues.  The GSWRG, based in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, holds seminars on different topics in water resources as well as networking sessions. Seminars topics are diverse and involve talks about research on campus and important work in water in government, nonprofits and business.  We seek to enhance connections between currently disparate nodes of water research on campus, while providing the university community with exposure to key stakeholders in the wider water industry.   To join the listserv and get notice of GSWRG meetings and seminars, contact Maryam (maryamghajar@ucla.edu).