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A Just Transition: Envisioning the Next 40 Years

This webinar by Physicians for Social Responsibility raises some of the fundamental issues that face the energy transition and highlights dangerous course we are on today.  Highly recommended for an in-depth analysis of what needs to change — Stephanie Pincetl, director of CCSC

Watch the final Health and Justice Webinar of the series with our guest speaker Gopal Dayaneni from Movement Generation: Justice and Ecology Project in conversation with PSR-LA Executive Director Martha Dina Arguello and PSR-LA Associate Director Denise Duffield.

We discuss topics such as: –

  • Our collective work to Detoxify, Decarbonize, Denuclearize, and Democratize organizing for a care-based economy
  • Reimagining public and community health and safety from oil drilling to nuclear weapons
  • The role of health professionals in fighting false solutions and working for a Just Transition

Watch: A Just Transition: Envisioning the Next 40 Years