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As we research physical and practical realities, we explore how cultures, arts and storytelling affect how people experience, think and feel about the environment in communities around the world.


animal collective’s “tangerine reef”: a q&a with ursula heise


Animal Collective’s “Tangerine Reef”: A Q&A with Ursula Heise

Colin O'Brien-Lux

“Music is not an easy medium for discussing environmental stuff,” said Ursula Heise, a UCLA expert on environmental art and narratives. That doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. For Animal Collective and Coral Morphologic, the world-renowned indie band and Miami-based art-science duo, value is placed on music, visuals and the oddness of underwater creatures. Their recent audiovisual…

lens at ucla elevates ethnic media perspectives on watersheds


LENS at UCLA elevates ethnic media perspectives on watersheds

Sonia Aronson

The stories, which appeared in newspapers, on television, and in online publications, were produced with support from a fellowship and training provided by UCLA’s Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies and Ethnic Media Services, a San Francisco-based nonprofit. LENS was founded in 2016 to support the creation of media about environmental issues for non-English speakers and people from…


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