By Abir Hossain

This week the Biodiversity team worked on verifying content for the signage that will be implemented at Sage Hill soon. We each divided up the content in terms of classifying native plant and animal species, which was further divided into native birds and then all other native organisms. We are also verifying the information regarding the Tongva, the indigenous Native Americans who occupied the Sage Hill space in its earlier days. The way the verification process will work is that we’ve sent the content to various professors in different relevant departments to use their expertise and fact-check the material; we reached out to ecology and evolutionary biology professors and faculty within the American Indian Studies Center.

We’ve been preparing for Undergraduate Research Poster Day which will be taking place on Tuesday, May 23rd at Pauley Pavilion during Session 1 which takes place from 1:00pm-2:00pm, so come check us out then! Dr. Gillespie will be in attendance along with the rest of our team, so if there are any questions regarding our work we will be able to explain and give the best possible answers. Our poster has been printed and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned from two quarters of field work and research at Sage Hill so far with all of UCLA. We will also be presenting at Green Gala so we’ve been preparing for that as well. Our team is excited for the opportunity to present all of our findings and hope that it will shed a new light on Sage Hill and bring it the much-needed attention it deserves!