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Announcing Second Round Recipients of The La Kretz Center and Stunt Ranch Reserve 2023 Conservation Science Research Awards

The UCLA La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science and the UC Natural Reserve System Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve are pleased to announce the second round of recipients for the 2023 La Kretz Center research awards. This year’s winners are UCLA undergraduate and graduate students who are working on a variety of exciting conservation-based projects.


Congratulations to:

Alannah Linden (Bottom Left): Tracking changes in photosynthetic activity of native California plants.
Bowen Wang (Bottom Middle): Modeling the impact of invasive annual grasses on wildfire behaviors in Southern California.
Gabriela M. Carr (Bottom Right): Developing Novel Coastal Infrastructure Habitat Through Beneficial Reuse of Carbon Sequestration Spoils and Cutting-Edge Biosurvey Methods.
Laurel Thomas (Right Middle): Investigating Local Adaptation of Heteromeles arbutifolia using a Common Garden Approach.
Sean O’Fallon (Top Right): Assessing the determinants of collective behavior of seed dispersing ants at the UC Sedgwick natural reserve.