Elsa Ordway presenting at PANGEA workshop in Washington D.C.

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Elsa Ordway Leads PANGEA Scoping Workshop in Washington D.C.

UCLA Center for Tropical Research and Congo Basin Institute co-director Dr. Elsa Ordway is leading PANGEA, a NASA-funded effort to design a large-scale field campaign studying tropical forests worldwide. This critical research will improve understanding of how these vital ecosystems are responding to climate change and land-use changes.

PANGEA Scoping Workshops Held Around the World:

Photo of Douala, Cameroon, central square city center.

What’s Next for PANGEA?

  • Dr. Ordway will travel to Thailand, Brazil and Peru to gather further input.
  • The PANGEA team is finalizing a paper outlining the proposed research campaign for submission to NASA later this year.

How PANGEA Could Benefit the World:

  • Improved understanding of tropical forests’ role in climate change.
  • Development of strategies to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable land use.
  • Training for the next generation of tropical forest researchers.

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Group photo of participants at the PANGEA Scoping Workshop in Washington D.C.