energy policy panel


Energy Policy Panel

Hosted by Renewable Energy Association at UCLA

Renewable Energy Association and Environment California are partnering for a Renewable Energy Policy Panel on campus at Boelter Penthouse on the evening of January 31st.

The panel will be moderated by UCLA’s Chief Sustainability Officer, who is modernizing the university’s energy infrastructure to be more environmentally sustainable, and will feature experts in California state policy and renewable energy technologies. Students from all years and majors are welcome to come learn about how developments in renewable energy technologies are affecting public policy in California, and vice versa.

With climate change already affecting us in the form of droughts, superstorms, wildfires and more, a frank discussion about the path away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and geothermal is extremely pertinent. Bruins will be among those shaping policy, building renewable energy infrastructure, and discovering new technologies that can stop the worst effects of climate change, and ensuring our society is not reliant on dangerous fuel sources.

California has already been a leader in creating policies to fight climate change, such as pioneering the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, requiring power companies to increase their use of renewables, and much more. We will talk about past laws and initiatives, current proposals, and challenges that lie ahead of us in the transition to a renewable energy economy.

Come join us for education, career inspiration, and honest discussion. Details below.

Moderator: Nurit Katz, Chief Sustainability Officer at UCLA
– La Ronda Bowen, Ombudsman for CARB
– Ryan Snyder, Principal of Active Transportation at Transpo Group
– Kelly Trumbull, Researcher at Luskin Center for Innovation