GreenShorts Award Ceremony

Live stream for the 2021 annual GreenShorts Award Ceremony

Join us for a live stream for the 2021 annual GreenShorts Award Ceremony where we will celebrate wining short environmental films created by Southern California and Louisiana high school students. 
With Greenshorts, high school students get a chance to sit in the director’s chair and win cash prizes. The contest invites two-minute-or-less films to showcase ideas, commentary and vision and the world.


Climate Trailblazers
Activists or communities making a positive climate impact 

Ready Set Action
Solutions for the environment and sustainability 

Power Poetry
Slam poetry about the environmental crisis we face

Out of the Box 
Inspired by the environment, let your creativity run wild!

No Justice No Green
The intersection of environmentalism and social justice issues

Wild CA
Animals, plants, or natural systems found in the great outdoors

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