la’s water resource future workshop series, part 1

In support of UCLA’s Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, the Center for Climate Science and the UCLA Water Resources Group organized a two-part workshop series investigating how more local stormwater can be harnessed to decrease the Los Angeles region’s dependence in imported water. The workshops were co-hosted by the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and the Luskin Center for Innovation. Support for the series was provided by the Office of Interdisciplinary and Cross Campus Affairs.

Workshop 2: Understanding Local Groundwater Storage Potential

The second workshop in the LA’s Water Resource Future Series was held on June 15, 2016, and focused on current and future groundwater basin conditions, management, and rights in the groundwater basins serving Los Angeles County. The event engaged stakeholders and the research community in order to inform both the scientific research and policy analysis and recommendations that UCLA intends to undertake as part of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.

Session 1: Water rights in adjudicated and unadjudicated basins in the Los Angeles County: History, current status, implications for stormwater capture and storage, and legal solutions

Session 2: The current physical state and management of LA County’s major groundwater basins

  • Ted Johnson, Hydrogeologist, Water Replenishment District of Southern California view presentation
  • Richard Slade, Watermaster, Upper Los Angeles River Area Basin view presentation
  • Kevin Smead, Stetson Engineers
  • Greg Reed, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power view presentation

Session 3: Climate change and the potential impact of sea level rise on coastal groundwater basins

Session 4: Increasing conjunctive use and storage through more stormwater capture (moderated panel and audience discussion)

  • Grace Chan, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Eric Garner, Partner, Best, Best and Kreiger
  • Angela George, Los Angeles County Flood Control District
  • Greg Reed, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Richard Slade, Watermaster Upper Los Angeles River Area
  • Robb Whitaker, Water Replenishment District of Southern California
  • Tony Zampiello, Watermaster, Raymond and Main San Gabriel Basins