Technology for Good: Easton Center Innovation Challenge Kickoff

Presented by UCLA Easton Technology Management Center

What are some of society's greatest challenges in the areas of healthcare and sustainability? How and where can technology aid in solving societal issues? What are the key ingredients of successful innovation here?

technology for good: easton center innovation challenge kickoff

Join Professor Terry Kramer, Easton Center Faculty Director, in a moderated conversation with Eric Hoek and Larry Leisure on these topics. And hear about the formal launch of the Easton Center Innovation Challenge – the innovation prompts, deadlines, prize monies and the content/programming designed to support participating students on their journeys. UCLA Anderson Dean Tony Bernardo will provide opening remarks.

Dr. Eric Hoek is a professor in UCLA’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability and the California NanoSystems Institute. He is also the Director of the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge. His research explores the union of membrane technologies, nanomaterials and electrochemistry for water, energy and environmental applications. He has over 200 technical publications including over 70 patents filed globally. He has also co-founded several technology startups and has advised a wide array of state, federal and international government agencies, local water utilities, technology companies, investment funds, law firms and research funding agencies.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Larry Leisure brings over four decades of experience in the healthcare industry to Chicago Pacific Founders. The CPF team has united top names in the health field, and Larry is no exception. His oversight and influence have been the driving force behind a number of successes across multiple companies on the leading edge of health tech and managed care. Providing better care and more affordable care with greater efficiency has been his guiding motivation, one that’s brought him real success in identifying and addressing key areas of need in the industry. He co-founded Washington, DC based ADVI, health care advisory firm, where he oversaw a dynamic executive team in the fields of Life Science, Managed Care, and Digital Health. In a field where cutting-edge technology can transform the world, Larry’s experience helped guide some of the most forward-thinking firms bringing true benefit to patients, employers, health systems, payers and investors alike.

About the Innovation Challenge

We believe the strongest solutions to complex problems come from a diversity of thought, experiences and backgrounds. This initiative brings together UCLA students from all disciplines and backgrounds to collaborate on driving a positive change in society.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.anderson.ucla.edu/innovation-challenge