Uncovering systemic drivers of global change to promote just and sustainable futures

Join the Critical Ecology Lab on Aug 29, 2024 from 2pm-5pm PT for an interactive virtual workshop on critical ecology and its applications within global change science research and teaching.

As an independent research organization, Critical Ecology Lab investigates the relationships between social power, inequality and global environmental change, highlighting the relevance of this understanding to studies of ecosystem and climatic change.

Broken into two parts, the workshop will begin with an informational presentation and discussion of the critical ecology framework, its core tenets and the critical social theory from which it draws inspiration. The latter part of the workshop will be dedicated to small-group discussions and practice applying the critical ecology framework to participants’ research and teaching projects, and will be especially relevant for graduate students, postdocs and faculty working/teaching in the global change sciences or adjacent fields. If you work in an adjacent field and are unsure that the practicum/workshop is directly relevant to your work, you are welcome to leave during the break before the small-group discussions begin.

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For any questions, please contact us at cdls@ucla.edu.

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More about our facilitators

Dr. Suzanne Pierre (Founder & Director, Critical Ecology Lab) and Dr. Em Whalen (Postdoctoral Researcher, CEL) will discuss their work as part of the Critical Ecology Lab, and the organization’s mission more broadly. After finishing their PhDs in ecology and environmental science fields, they both sought alternative pathways outside of academia to continue their research and education work– in a context that recognized the pressing (& intertwined) social and environmental crises we face today.