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Urban Water Conservation in a Drought

Fall 2021 Seminar: Urban Water Conservation in a Drought: What We've Learned, What We Haven't, and Paths Forward via Zoom

About this event

During the last drought (2011 -2017), California had to manage through emergency regulation which includes conservation mandates. Since then, new legislation was signed to “Make Conservation a Way of Life” for all water users, improving the efficiency of water use, and using less of it permanently.

The 2020-2021 California Drought Monitor Map above shows California is in exceptional drought, due to low precipitation, record breaking high temperatures, little snow, high evaporation and prior droughts.

We have brought together a great panel of experts to discuss:

  • How has urban water conservation evolved since the 2018 Water Conservation Legislation passed?
  • What are we doing differently now from the last drought?
  • What do we need to know about water use and water users to become more prepared for longer and/or more extreme droughts?
  • What can water experts contribute to make Conservation a Way of Life?
  • How do the burdens and benefits of conservation fall? Fairly, or not?

Our Panel

Sonali Abraham, Research Associate, The Pacific Institute.
UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability D. Env.

Eduardo De La Riva, Maywood City Council Member

Erik Porse, Research Engineer in the Office of Water Programs, CSU Sacramento,
Assistant Adjunct Professor at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

Tracy Quinn, Director, NRDC California Urban Water Policy, Healthy People & Thriving Communities Program; Member, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Panel Moderator

Madelyn Glickfeld, Co-Director, UCLA Water Resources Center.