UCLA IoES and Aquarium of the Pacific jointly present a discussion on the conservation science, economics and operations of aquaculture

Current projections estimate that the global population will surpass nine billion people by 2050 and total food demand will approximately double. Seafood is a major source of protein in many regions, but over 80 percent of the world’s fisheries are depleted or fished beyond capacity. Aquaculture—rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food—offers the opportunity to increase production while alleviating stress on wild fish populations. While most aquaculture operations to date have been environmentally destructive, the industry has the potential to be profitable and sustainable, with minimal environmental impacts. 

Speakers will discuss recent studies by conservation scientists, the economics and sustainability of offshore aquaculture, how aquaculture could serve the restaurant industry, and the details of running an aquaculture operation. Speakers include:

Jerry Schubel, Aquarium of the Pacific

Halley Froehlich, UCSB

Sam King, King’s Seafood

Don Kent, Rose Canyon Fisheries

Kyla Wilson, UCLA

Moderated by: Peter Kareiva, UCLA


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This speaking engagement will be streamed live via the web.

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