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Food Justice and Basic Needs Blog Post: May 10, 2019

Playing Hard and Working Harder Before the End of the Quarter

By: Alicia Kwan, Diana Ngyuen, Maninder Kaur, Jasmine Summers- Evans, Rosemary Wallace, Melinda McMonigle, and Fiona Zhang.


Over the weekend, one of our team members Rosemary organized a kayaking trip to Marina Del Rey. Those who went were able to see sea lions and pick up lots of trash along the way. The trip was a perfect blend between relaxation and environmentalism!


Some of the trash that team members Melinda and Diana were able to collect.

food justice and basic needs blog post: may 10, 2019

The school week began with a group meeting Monday afternoon. Since we have split into two subcommittees, it is helpful to begin each week by catching up on what we are all working on individually. The focus group and survey team is continuing to prepare for their upcoming focus groups, which will be conducted toward the end of the quarter. The website team is aiming to have a finished draft of the new basic needs website on Sketch by the end of next week, which can then be presented to our stakeholder and adjusted if needed before the quarter is over.

food justice and basic needs blog post: may 10, 2019

Alicia, Fiona, and Rosemary working hard and feeling positive at Monday’s meeting!


There are many elements that must be considered when developing a website, and we have been very lucky to have Scott Gruber’s expertise with that this quarter. We have been spending time in his office working on Sketch coming up with ideas and narrowing down our final design. Through our design, we hope to strike a healthy balance between staying true to UCLA’s brand, while also prioritizing students’ needs as they navigate the site. We will also be consulting with two other UCLA faculty members in the next week covering the topics of website accessibility and the newly implemented UCLA branding. We cannot wait to see the finished products of our projects soon!

food justice and basic needs blog post: may 10, 2019

Jasmine working with Alicia in Scott’s office on the website, feeling inspired by the vibrant NASA posters hung up around us!