free course on data science for ecologists and environmental scientists

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Free course on Data Science for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

Check out these free training materials: “Data Science for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists”, developed by the Software Sustainability Institute in the UK.  Their goal is to help scientists overcome code fear and statistics anxiety in learners of all ages and from all walks of life and to teach best practice open science. Materials are quite suitable for people from other domains too.

The course includes three different streams, Stats from Scratch, Wiz of Data Viz and Mastering Modelling, using content mostly in R, but also with the opportunity to learn Python and JavaScript. There are quizzes and practical challenges and you can earn certificates for your achievements.

The course came out of work from UK members of the Carpentries.  I’m certified instructor and member of the UCLA Carpentries community. We teach data science and foundational programming to researchers worldwide. We hold workshops on coding and design at the IoES and there are many other workshops across campus. Interested? Let me know.