Climate Heroes

Climate Heroes

Climate Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes. Feature people or communities making a positive climate impact.

Quick Facts

Scientists think humans are changing global temperature
Years to avoid potentially irreversible climate disruption, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Degrees change in average temperatures could trigger lasting changes for the planet

Ready to get started?

Ideas and questions to kick-start your thinking

Make a documentary

  • What organization is making an impact?
  • What’s something we can all do to help?

Write your own story

  • What would a climate superhero look like?
  • What about a supervillain?

Climate Facts

  • 97 out of 100 climate experts think humans are changing global temperature.
  • Sea level is expected to rise 1-4 feet by 2100.
  • Droughts are projected to become more intense.
  • The Arctic Ocean is expected to become essentially ice free in summer before midcentury.
  • Increased heat, drought and insect outbreaks will increase wildfires.

Do your own research—a couple resources to get you started

Climate Heroes Films, Class of 2018

1st place: A Place Called Home

by Edgar Gamez and Devin Lona of LAUSD/USC Media Arts and Engineering Magnet

2nd place: Feed the Soil

by Desly Cervantes, Valerie Contreras and Steven Lucio of LAUSD/USC Media Arts and Engineering Magnet

3rd place: Renewable Man & Recycling Boy

by Sebastian Tamayo, Eddie Carias, Hyu Ishisaka, James Lipsett, Francisco McCurry and Shawn Hua of Environmental Charter High School

Environmental Heroes

In 2017, the category Climate Heroes was called Environmental Heroes. Here are the top three films from Environmental Heroes.

A Helpful Herd of Environmental Heroes (best film)

by Tana Carrillo, Maxi Coulter, Crystal Kober, Amia McCombs, Adrianna Ortega of Providence High School.

My Mother, My Eco-Hero (first runner-up)

by Daniella Onofre of Environmental Charter High School Lawndale.

Eco-Heroes (second runner-up)

by Andrew Vu & Stephanie Prieto of Environmental Charter High School.