Quick Facts

California public land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the land.
Extinction rate has been 1000x higher during the past 50 years than in any other time in human history.
of marine life is supported by the coral reefs. With 44% of the population living by the coast, they are vulnerable to human-made stressors.

Ready to get started?

Ideas and questions to kick-start your thinking

Make a documentary

  • How do critters deal with man-made environments?
  • Do public parks matter?

Write your own story

  • What would an ant say if it could talk?
  • Good at crafts? Create a puppet show!

Wildlife facts to get you started

  • SoCal is a biodiversity hotspot, with is a uniquely high number of species per area.
  • The California newt is the only news species in the state (and its numbers are declining).
  • Many invasive species start out as pets and are released into the wild by their owner. 
  • California has more native species of animals and plants than any other state in the nation. 
  • California is home to the greatest number of endemic species, those that occur nowhere else in the world. 

Do your own research—a couple resources to get you started

Wild CA Films, Class of 2018

Why Do We Need Parks in Cities? (first place)

by Taegan Obermeyer of Providence High School

Be Kind to Beekind (second place)

by Clara Siliezar of Clairemont High School

Cataclysm (third place)

by Oscar Ortiz and Yvon Mendija of Environmental Charter High School

Wild CA Films, Class of 2017

Only World (best film)

by Madelyn Paley of Thousand Oaks High School

DAVE (first runner up)

by Keely Martin, Ginger Port, Taku Rogers & Victor Guzman of Culver City High School.

Our Park. Our Future. (second runner up)

by Timur Bootzin & Amanda Contreas of Los Angeles Zoo Magnet/ North Hollywood High School.