gswrg prepares for the world water forum college grant program for 2018-2019, starting on october 13.
Channel and river head through forested area to dam.

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GSWRG Prepares for the World Water Forum College Grant Program for 2018-2019, starting on October 13.

This year, the GSWRG is disseminating information about the upcoming World Water Forum College Grant Program, which is administered by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. (MWD)  Additional sponsors are the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County and Water for People. $10,000 competitive grants are offered to student teams at many different universities in Southern California, who are to propose projects to research and develop cost effective water savings technologies, policies or communications. Projects can be local, national or international. Each project must have an advisor eligible to be a Primary Investigator for the proposal.

The MWD will offer an orientation session on October 13 at the MWD Headquarters from 10am to 1pm.  At least one attendee from each student team must attend.  RSVP or request additional information at More information is available at the Grant Program Website .

If you want to participate in a meet up before this session to brainstorm projects and meet potential collaborators, please contact Maryam (, Alison ( or Sonali ( If enough students are interested, a meeting will be organized.