Graphic of starry night sky with text that says "Tackling noise and light pollution for a Sustainable Tomorrow" and "The Path Towards Addressing Adverse Impacts of Light and Noise Pollution on Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecosystems"

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Longcore Joins PLAN-Biodiversity Horizon Europe Project as Advisory Board Member

IoES Adjunct Professor Travis Longcore has joined the PLAN-Biodiversity project as an advisory board member. This innovative European project, “The Path Towards Addressing Adverse Impacts of Light and Noise Pollution on Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecosystems,” aims to tackle the pressing issue of light and noise pollution and its adverse impacts on the terrestrial environment.

The key research areas and the key outputs of the project are:

Enhancing Knowledge

Expanding the understanding of how light and noise pollution impact terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystem services by developing an open-access knowledge database. Through rigorous research and data collection, the project aims to uncover the complex interactions between these pollutants and various ecosystems, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making.

Policy Advice

The project will provide expert policy advice to support the amendment and creation of regulations addressing light and noise pollution impacts. The goal is to help shape effective policies that mitigate these environmental stressors and protect biodiversity.

Mitigation Solutions

A crucial aspect of the project is the development of a comprehensive handbook of mitigation solutions. This resource will offer practical, evidence-based strategies for reducing light and noise pollution, tailored to the needs of different stakeholders.

Stakeholder Network Development

Building a robust network of stakeholders is essential for raising awareness and fostering collaboration. The project will work to connect scientists, policymakers, industry leaders, and community groups, creating a united front to address the challenges posed by light and noise pollution. This network will be instrumental in driving change and promoting best practices across sectors.

Longcore is a leading expert in the effects of light pollution on wildlife with experience including basic scienceliterature synthesisproject impact assessment, and mitigation design. He is eager to contribute to collaborate with the European research community in protecting terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems from the adverse impacts of light and noise pollution. 

PLAN-Biodiversity is funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon Europe Programme. 

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