Animal Collective’s “Tangerine Reef”: A Q&A with Ursula Heise

Colin O'Brien-Lux

“Music is not an easy medium for discussing environmental stuff,” said Ursula Heise, a UCLA expert on environmental art and narratives. That doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. For Animal Collective and Coral Morphologic, the world-renowned indie band and Miami-based art-science duo, value is placed on music, visuals and the oddness of underwater creatures. Their recent audiovisual…



Future of the wooly mammoth

Belinda Waymouth

Is Earth’s sixth mass extinction really underway? An expert panel including Stewart Brand, an advocate of de-extinction and co-founder of Revive and Restore, will discuss the causes and consequences of mass species loss and what can be done to protect endangered species.



Environmental visions get a new LENS at upcoming symposium

David Colgan

A new era of stories for our changing planet will debut at UCLA’s EARTH NOW: EARTH 2050, a three-day symposium at the recently opened Luskin Conference Center on October 18, 19 and 20. The event marks the official launch of LENS—the Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies—an incubator for narrative strategies that drive efforts for a…