College kids: What will their lives be like?

Peter Kareiva

I just finished my first year at UCLA, where I got to know eight graduating seniors quite well. I now feel that “youth as our hope” platitudes have merit. That begs a question: What might their lives be like? We all know there is angst among our graduates about jobs, and about the uncertain economic…



Electric vehicle rubber meets the road: a Q&A with J.R. DeShazo

David Colgan

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., automobile and sustainability experts will join forces for an event that explores the past, present and future of cars and transportation. With audience participation, a panel will discuss how people move around in a society that increasingly values green technology. The discussion will be moderated by UCLA’s J.R. DeShazo—director…



Earth Day: then and now

Peter Kareiva

The first Earth Day was covered for ten hours by The Today Show in 1970—a time when there was no cable television and network coverage meant a lot more than it does now. Nobody counted the exact numbers, but it is estimated there were at least 35,000 teach-ins around the United States. Congress took April…