Bug banquet – Metta World Peace & UCLA students eat crickets

David Colgan

Combined, these factors are expected to stress the world’s agricultural capacity. But one solution may be right underfoot, so to speak. Insects are easy to digest and grow. They may even provide global food security in the future. But while human beings have been eating them for thousands of years — and two billion people…



L.A. students get an environmental filmmaking debut

David Colgan

It might be time for an update. In 2016, two-thirds of Americans wield video-equipped smartphones capable of telling vivid stories, from street protests to Snapchat. And 15 minutes may be more attention than people can spare, as an explosion of digital information fills our social media feeds each day. Enter GreenShorts, an environmental film contest…



Electric vehicle rubber meets the road: a Q&A with J.R. DeShazo

David Colgan

From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., automobile and sustainability experts will join forces for an event that explores the past, present and future of cars and transportation. With audience participation, a panel will discuss how people move around in a society that increasingly values green technology. The discussion will be moderated by UCLA’s J.R. DeShazo—director…



Bringing cities together for a greener future

David Colgan

Luckily, they also have Yoram Cohen in common. Cohen is a UCLA professor of chemical engineering who takes a global approach to sustainability. Last year, while participating in a conference on Jerusalem, he was reminded of the two locations’ similarities. “One of the topics we covered was the city’s sustainability challenges,” Cohen said. It made…



California’s urban residents have been left behind by 2006 parks measure

David Colgan

Ten years later, most of that money has been spent. But although the measure prioritized funding for urban, disadvantaged and park-poor communities, residents in those places have seen less than their fair share of the benefits. A policy report published today by UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability finds that Prop 84 failed to…



Buildings loom large in street-level air quality

David Colgan

L.A. has made progress over the years. The notorious smog that led filmmaker John Waters to remark, “Only in L.A. will you glimpse a green sun or a brown moon,” has all but vanished. Cars are more efficient and gasoline burns cleaner—thanks to state regulations and research from chemistry experts like UCLA’s Paulson. “We changed…