Nature springs to life after wet winter

David Colgan

From the Santa Monica Mountains to the Sierra Nevada, UCLA conservation biologists watch as wildlife responds to a welcome surge of wet weather after years of intense drought.



Arctic oil and environmental legacy in the crosshairs

Belinda Waymouth

President Barack Obama’s Arctic oil drilling ban and environmental legacy are in President Trump’s crosshairs. Obama’s last days in the Oval Office included a flurry of new environmental protections. In his first days the incoming president is busy taking actions to dismantle them.
President Barack Obama’s environmental legacy and his Arctic oil drilling ban are in the crosshairs of the new president. Obama’s last days in the Oval office included a flurry of environmental protections. The first days of the Trump administration efforts are being made to dismantle them.



Bait and switch: UCLA study finds fish fraud runs rampant

Alison Hewitt

A new study from researchers at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University checked the DNA of fish ordered at 26 Los Angeles sushi restaurants from 2012 through 2015, and found that 47 percent of sushi was mislabeled. The good news is that sushi represented as tuna was almost always tuna. Salmon was mislabeled only about one…



Spotting conservation clues on the wing

Belinda Waymouth

A hunch that feathers contain good DNA samples is helping conservation efforts for America’s declining songbird populations. It’s also connecting bird enthusiasts and researchers across the continent.



Eight scientific visions for a thriving planet

Belinda Waymouth

At Earth Now: Earth 2050, UCLA’s top environmental thinkers gave short talks on the paths we must take to have a sustainable planet in decades to come.