Midterm Breather

By Lillian Wherry

After spending the first half of the quarter rigorously writing and editing our TGIF application, the Resilience Team spent this past week taking a break and getting organized for our next plans. The team focused on two things this past week. The first was to write our final abstract. After finishing up our TGIF application and attending our hearing, we have a better understanding of where exactly we will be taking our project. Although we haven’t heard back, we are hoping to get at least three cisterns approved. If we are able to get at least three, hopefully more could be added on in the future. We are currently finalizing our abstract that will include a detailed report of all of our next steps and future goals.

We have also been working on our new official name, that will be more representative of what our project will be. We want it to be more specific to the campus, and highlight the water cisterns we plan to install. We have also begun discussing the possibility of doing a Spark campaign to bring in more money for the project. This would most likely begin this summer, where we would organize the campaign and have it launched in early fall quarter.

The team also enjoying visiting the various sites of other groups’ projects and participating in the presentations.