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CDLS Fellow Awarded the 2022 Goldman Environmental Prize for Her Environmental Activism

Center for Diverse Leadership Fellow, Nalleli Cobo, was awarded the 2022 Goldman Environmental Prize for her leadership in shutting down a toxic oil-drilling site that was causing health problems in her community. Her tireless efforts not only helped her community but led to a city-wide policy change to end all oil and gas drilling.

The Goldman Environmental Prize recognizes environmental grassroots activists who create change through community-led participation. The prize was created in 1989 by philanthropists Richard and Rhoda Goldman who wanted to bring greater attention to environmental problems.  

In response to her achievement, Nalleli says, “This award has the ability to share my community’s story and our efforts on an international scale.”

Nalleli is working with CDLS to create a program to help communities like hers advocate for themselves by giving them training and access to research tools.   

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