ann carlson in vogue: do americans have a constitutional right to a livable planet? meet the 21 young people who say they do

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Ann Carlson in Vogue: Do Americans Have a Constitutional Right to a Livable Planet? Meet the 21 Young People Who Say They Do

21 young plaintiffs—ranging from eleven to 23 years old—are suing the Trump administration for contributing to climate change. (The case, officially Juliana v. United States, goes by the nickname Youth v. Gov.) Their argument is rooted in the constitution: It’s tough to enjoy life, liberty, and property on an increasingly inhospitable planet, and their generation will suffer the most.

“If I were a betting person, I would bet the Ninth Circuit will not find in favor of the kids,” says UCLA School of Law professor Ann E. Carlson. Still, “virtually every law professor who follows this, except those involved in the case, thought this was going to get kicked out of court right away. That didn’t happen