scientists: california risks severe ‘whiplash’ from drought to flood

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Daniel Swain in Curbed LA: Is climate change the reason why it snowed in LA?

UCLA’s Daniel Swain apogee with Curbed LA about the recent snow in LA. 

“As snow fell Thursday in parts of LA where it hadn’t snowed for decades, Angelenos tried to make sense of the rare event. If the city is getting hotter due to climate change, how could it still get cold enough to snow? Or was this the type of extreme weather that LA should start to expect from a changing climate?

Rising average temperatures are absolutely to blame for the fact that the LA region sees less annual snowfall than it used to, but climate change is not responsible for Thursday’s snow event, climate scientist Daniel Swain tells Curbed.

Think of it this way instead, he says: Climate change is the reason LA got a dusting instead of inches.”