paradise burns as californian wildfire rapidly grows into an 18,000-acre beast

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Dr. Stephanie Pincetl & Magali Delmas in the Daily Bruin: California needs policies to build housing able to withstand climate disasters

“Roads, water, power and other kinds of infrastructure aren’t a visible cost because it’s embedded in the cost of (subsidized) housing by the larger community of taxpayers,” Dr. Stephanie Pincetl said. “And then there’s the possibility of exacerbating the possibility of (human ignited) fires – we need to grow up and be responsible for being humans on this planet, on how we build it and where we build it.”

Magali Delmas experienced the chaos of the recent Getty fire firsthand and says that these dangers need to be accounted for if new housing is going to be built. “Imagine when we remodel or build new homes that we have requirements that power lines need to go underground – there are actions we can take, and we’re not.”