By Stephanie Gonzalez

The Food Waste Team met with their stakeholder Emma this week. They discussed their potential switch from the field of sustainability to become movie producers.  In the works, they have a short silent film focusing on food waste in the dining halls of UCLA.  They are currently brainstorming what special effects that they will add to the video. It will be special effects with a purpose! For those that have seen the draft version, they tossed around ideas like slowing down or looping the part where food is traveling down the compost trough. This will give the audience a better visualization of the variety of food being used for compost as well as the amount. They are also discussing minor edits like speeding up the part where the dining hall employee is pushing a cart containing a trash bag filled with food into the compost bin. Furthermore they are working on having a BAM factor, to really take the message across. I will not write about that because it’s a surprise! Perhaps the most important part of their creative process is them thinking about how to make the video not only entertaining but educational.  They are researching dining hall facts and figures, looking at housing data, and are considering adding their own data to the video. I hope it premiers soon. It is going to be big!