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Rajit Gadh in dot.LA — Businesses in Los Angeles Are Working to Lessen Burden on Strained Power Grid

Rajit Gadh has led research at UCLA for more than a decade that considers the viability of using electric car batteries to supplement the grid.

“[You] can get data from the environment, from [EV] charging stations, and then manage the whole infrastructure in a smart fashion,” Gadh added. “For example, how can you automatically take millions of EVs to send power back to [the grid] without upsetting it?”

Gadh also proposed using electric vehicle batteries to supplement the grid during peak usage hours between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.

“In the future, instead of the head of the [CAISO] having to send alerts, they could just send an alert to your vehicle and you can get paid” for offloading power from your charged car, he said.