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Susanna Hecht.

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Susanna Hecht in UCLA Daily Bruin—Recent rain reveals success of ‘green alleys’ program, according to UCLA faculty

Susanna Hecht, professor of urban planning, said the type of vegetation used in green alleyways is also important to consider. Urban planning professionals should consider incorporating plants that have lower water demand to preserve groundwater, she said.

Hecht added that the Avalon Project’s incorporation of vegetation into an urban environment can also make the environment feel more habitable for its residents. Cities with arboreal vegetation have higher aesthetic value and appeal to attract people to spend more time outside in streets, she said.

Hecht also said the choice of vegetation and whether or not one should preserve a lawn in Westwood and other wealthy areas alike could make a huge difference in water use management.

“But for a lot of these other things, you could easily turn them into sort of more native plants, more water-wise plantings, and so on,” Hecht said. “That would support the wild, that wouldn’t use so much water, that would also drain the water off the landscape a lot better.”