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The California Center for Sustainable Communities at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability strongly condemns the mob attack on our UCLA student encampment. 

We object in the strongest possible terms to the University’s failure to support our students’ right to protest peacefully and to be kept safe while doing so. We are horrified that Chancellor Block did not exercise his responsibility to protect and support students. We believe his statements (and those of President Drake) opened the way to these attacks on our community. The exemplary nature of this encampment made it a target for those who oppose the free exercise of views that differ from their own. 

Continuing to arrest and jail protesters will not lead to a thoughtful and productive discussion about the very real issues raised by the Israeli invasion of Gaza, and what the University can do to help curb the extraordinary suffering and deaths that are occurring. We call for the convocation of a body to discuss the substantive calls for disclosure and divestment. We also support full legal, academic and disciplinary amnesty for all students, staff, and faculty.