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Impact Fellows 
Work with students from our Ph.D. or D. Env in Environmental Science and Engineering program to advance your mission. Fellows typically allocate 100 hours over 10 weeks with the option to renew twice (300 hours total). IoES graduate students represent a wide range of skills and interest, so we can help find the right match. Interested or have questions? Reach out to Colin . 
Undergraduate Senior Practicum 
Recruit a team of five to seven seniors from our environmental B.S. program to address a current environmental science, policy or management challenge. Teams are faculty-advised and work with public agencies, private businesses and NGOs. Click here for more info on the program and past projects, and here for FAQs and official guidelines. Have questions? Reach out to Noah.Proposals are due May 28.  


Applied Management Research Program 
This program partners a team of MBA candidates with your organization to deliver strategic solutions to critical challenges through top-notch analysis. The students produce a rigorously tested, professional-grade consulting report based on extensive primary and secondary research. More than 3,000 organizations around the world — from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and startups — have experienced the extraordinary benefits of working with UCLA Anderson. Click here to learn more. Have questions? Reach out to Chelsea. 
Applied Analytics Project 
The Applied Analytics Project (AAP) serves as a capstone to the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) curriculum and represents an opportunity to merge theory and principles with up-to-the-minute business practice. The program is designed to provide companies and organizations of all sizes access to scarce business analytics talent. AAPs are completed in groups of up to four students and serve as the master’s thesis and graduation requirement for all MSBA candidates. Students will be challenged to use their newly acquired data management, quantitative analysis and business communications skills to unlock the hidden insights in your data. Click here to learn more. Have questions? Reach out to Paul. 
Impact Investing Network & Training 
The MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) program run by Bridges Ventures, and hosted by Wharton, is an experiential venture lab that guides students through the sourcing and diligence process to select seed-stage companies for potential impact investments. Upon completion of the six-month MIINT educational curriculum, UCLA Anderson hosts a competition to identify the team that will represent UCLA Anderson at the global competition at The Wharton School of Management in April, where teams compete for a $50,000 investment into the company. Click here to learn more. Have questions? Reach out here. 
Project Management Consulting (Epicenter for Action Research, Anderson affiliate) 
Adapting new project management practices is never easy, and there’s no reason to start from scratch when best practices already exist. Teams that join this program gain the benefit of best practices and a growing base of knowledge, enabling teams to focus on doing more of what they do, and less on the logistics of running a program. Clients will recieve premium-level for free, and remote consulting to help build thoughtful workflows that work for your team at no cost. Click here to learn more. Have questions? Reach out to Regina.  



Client Projects 
Client Projects are long-term consulting agreements that pair students with external client partners to tackle a planning question. Graduate students — working individually or as a team — define a problem, design and conduct data collection, analyze and contextualize the information, and prepare a written and oral report for their client organization. Students gain experience working as consultants, and clients receive professional-level analysis and recommendations to drive action. There are two types: Applied Planning Research Projects and Comprehensive Projects. Click here to learn more.  

Environmental Law Clinic 
The Clinic pairs clients with teams of two to 12 law students, supervised by faculty lawyers, to help address client problems that require legal analysis. Clinic clients are most often nonprofit organizations working to address environmental or environmental justice challenges. Clinic projects are usually proposed in December of each year, and the Clinic runs from January through April, with client work delivered in April or May. Click here to learn more. Have questions? Reach out here.  
Independent Academic Research Project 
The above options represent only some of the nearly 150 departments and programs available at UCLA. If you have needs not suited by any of these options but think we can help, please get in touch.