alice blackorby

Alice Blackorby

B.A. '21


Alice Blackorby is a third year economics student double minoring in environmental systems and society and public affairs. She is particularly interested in the intersection between sustainability, business, and public policy. Through the Corporate Partners Program Alice will be investigating different aspects along the supply chain of renewable energy technologies. Last year she worked in the Luskin Center for Innovation quantifying the significance of the barrier of living in an apartment or condominium in Los Angeles to electric vehicle adoption. At UCLA outside of class she does fundraising for FEM newsmagazine, and participates in EARTH within the Student Wellness Commission, promoting the intersection between environmental health and student health and wellbeing on UCLA’s campus. She enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with friends and family in her free time!


renewable energy: 2019-2020 focus

Renewable Energy: 2019-2020 Focus

Policymakers are pushing to not just increase integration of renewable energy, but to transform our energy systems into systems dominated by renewables at local, state, and national levels. LA’s Green…