Ariadne Reynolds

Ariadne is a doctoral student in the Institute of the Environment & Sustainability at UCLA. Her research centers around marine ecosystem conservation, restoration, and aquaculture. Specifically, she is interested in quantifying beneficial interactions between native kelp and shellfish species when grown together in a multi-trophic aquaculture system, and exploring the potential for kelp and shellfish aquaculture to contribute to ecosystem restoration efforts and bolster local seafood supplies in California.

Before joining UCLA, Ariadne earned a master’s degree from the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara, specializing in coastal marine resources management, and also worked as a marine biologist at The Bay Foundation restoring kelp forests and abalone populations in the Santa Monica Bay. Ariadne is a Cota-Robles Fellow and a member of the Center for Diverse Leadership in Science (CDLS). She is jointly advised by Dr. Robert Eagle and Dr. Kyle Cavanaugh.