arushi sinha

Arushi Sinha

B.S. '20

Environmental Science

Arushi is a fourth-year undergraduate at UCLA, majoring in Environmental Science and double minoring in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences and Mathematics. As a lover of math, a meticulous programmer, and a research and development enthusiast, Arushi tells the story of two worlds — data and the environment — in the various projects that she is involved in, which range from building UCLA’s first automated hydroponics system to working on a mission proposal for a new satellite, ENTICE. Beyond classes, work, and research, Arushi undertakes arduous camping and backpacking trips and drags many of her friends along for the experience. They often admit that Arushi’s energy, enthusiasm, and optimism make her fit for a side job as a wilderness explorer who brings together people from drastically different walks of life and advocates for the great outdoors. At the core of Arushi’s dream career is a mission-based work ethic that helps corporations and governments achieve ambitious sustainability and energy goals. She hopes to continue working at the confluence of data and the environment where she can find patterns, influence decision-making, and ultimately have an impact on what the future will look like.


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